On May 4, 2019, Haier Qingdao Marathon opening the gunshot, 30 people from fans of the AQUA brand gathered at Qingdao Marathon course, becoming a unique landscape. They were dressed in AQUA logo T-shirts trying their best not only on the course of Qingdao Marathon, but also on the road of globalization of the Haier brand.

Okuhara- Japan R& D Center

This is my first time in China to attend such a marathon with 25000 runners. I was very excited to be one of them. Along the course, I ran through the beautiful Badaguan, the coastline of Zhanqiao, as well as Haier World Home Appliances Museum, the tip of the iceberg. Qingdao is a very beautiful city. the auidences are cheer on for me: “come on! Haier, come on!”, which made me feel very proud to be a member of Haier Group, leaving me with precious memories in Qingdao Marathon.

Wei Ganggang- AQUA Commercial Laundry ME

On the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement and the 70th anniversary of the Navy, it is my great honor to represent Haier and AQUA on such a special day, challenge Qingdao Marathon and to challenge ourselves. Haier, as the title and the main sponsor, reflects the spirit of the Rendanheyi Model. Both athletes and service team have shown a high level of willpower. What an unforgettable memory.

Captain Yang Yong- AQUA Operations Manager

The 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement made the three-year-old Qingdao Marathon more meaningful, the solemn of the history and the passion of the youth intercharged on this day. AQUA members, AQUA brand fans and Haier loyal users dressed in AQUA T-shirt and successfully challenged the entire and half-marathon, and all the players finished the race. The marathon is over, but the AQUA EMC will continue to follow the Rendanheyi Model to challenge the upgrading marathon of EMl iterative.

AQUA Community washing machine holds the first share in Japan with 73% and replicates to other places in the world. AQUA refrigerator washing machines have not only been appreciated by Japanese users, but also committed to meeting the needs of Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam. The globalization of the AQUA brand is a microcosm of the globalization of Haier brand, with 25000 contestants from nearly 30 countries in 5 continents, creating their PB in Qingdao Marathon. Haier will continue to strive for new PB on the road of globalization.

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