Since Haier Air Conditioning conducted “going global” strategy, the company has been paying attention to enhance brand awareness, and providing smart, healthy air solutions to users around the world. The spirit inspires global users, generation after generation.

Mr. M already knew Haier when he was a child. His father began to work with Haier In 1997, and became the franchised partner of Haier Air Conditioning in Czech Republic in 2002. Young Mr. M helped his father and brother with the business and started to learn installing air conditioners. After graduation from an engineering university, Mr. M realized that his dream is actually to become a HVAC engineer.

“To make me a qualified engineer for Haier air conditioning , my brother introduced me a lot about Haier culture and its global layout. In 2008, I first visited the beautiful coastal city - Qingdao, where Haier is headquartered. “It’s really an unforgettable trip, and above all, I finally see the place where Haier originated. It deeply influences my childhood” Mr. M said, “Anyway, the impression on Haier at that moment is rather incomplete. Now I have a fresh view on the company. It’s really a world-class enterprise with R&D resources scattering around the globe. Haier customizes products based on users’ demands, i.e. users are the designers of the products for themselves.”

"Every time when users tell me that they want Haier air conditioner, and I’m truly happy because that’s one of my proudest things." Mr. M said. The core of all efforts Haier has done in Czech during the past years is to provide local users with the most comfortable and healthy air solutions. Haier is the first company to develop and launch Self Clean technology that allows clean airflow blowing out of the air conditioner. During the 2008 financial crisis, Czech economy suffered a lot, but fortunately, Haier survived. Although it took years for Haier to restart the business, I started to see the power of a strong brand. That’s the fundamental difference between Haier and those churning out cheap products.

Haier air conditioner business is not only a career of M's father’s, but also the pursuit of Mr. M. What’s more, it has an influence on his children. "They're very interested in Haier air conditioner, and they often read Haier's brochures." Mr. M said, "My wife studied in business school, and once she showed me the case on Rendanheyi Model from her marketing textbook.” Mr. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier Group, is known worldwide for his outstanding achievements and innovative management methods. Haier air conditioner also tells us that.

▲ Mr. M's son reading Haier's brochures

In order to help Haier Air Conditioning grow better, M always keeps an eye on all the news and events that he can access to on Haier and air conditioning industry. Lately, he shared his ideas on the industry trend that Haier must push forward smart home appliances as soon as possible.

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