On April 26 morning local time, A PLUS, the Pakistani national television channel, interviewed Hammad, the head of Haier Air Conditioning Pakistan, on the company’s healthy air innovations and recommended Haier to the local customers in its morning show Morning with Farah. Hammad recommanded that, besides basic air conditioning, Haier Puri Inverter air conditioner has air purification functions, providing clean, healthy air for the customers. It is understood that this innovative product is already available in its new smart home experience store in Lahore.

In order to solve the problem of indoor air pollution caused by dirty airconditioner, Haier launched a new kind of self cleaning airconditioner that can clean itself. And gradually all the local products have this self cleaning function step by step. At the same time, all these products are produced locally. The first smart home experience store brought a set of smart and healthy air solutions based on scenes to meet the needs of local customers for healthy air. At the smart living room, TV and air conditioner are linked, air quality can be visual and even be customized as well as the sleep curve. Haier Air Conditioning has been No. 1 in the local market for 12 consecutive years. In the first quarter of this year, Haier Air Conditioning has realized a growth of 25% against the downturn trend in the local market.

From smart products to smart solutions, Pakistan is only an epitome of Haier Air Conditioning’s ambition in promoting smart products worldwide. Haier developed its first IoT air conditioner in 2010, and exported its smart air conditioners for the first time in 2013; since then, Haier has started its global intelligence layout, and gradually formed its differentiated advantages in the world AC field. The industry's interconnected air conditioning has posted a compound annual growth rate of 53 percent from 2014 to 2018; on the contrast, Haier interconnected air conditioning has realized a compound annual growth rate of 238% from 2014 to 2018, which is several times faster than the industry growth. Haier interconnected air conditioning has already exported to 107 counties, which can be set in 12 kinds of native languages via smart app, and is the best seller all over the world for 3 consecutive years. Under the direction of Rendanheyi Model, Haier airconditioner will continue to provide more smart healthy air solution and create better life experience for users.

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