In January 2019, just after the AQUA TZ51 ultra-thin refrigerator was released, AQUA sales staff received an order call from channel. He explained that there are users saw TZ51 on its release meeting couldn't wait to get one immediately. In the Japanese market, it is the tradition that the products look for channels while channels calling to book is rare to see precedent, which makes AQUA sales staff very excited.

△ TZ51, From We Looking for Channels to Channels Looking for Us

TZ51 ultra-thin refrigerator, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, has attracted attention from all walks of life, immediately after it is released in Japan. Subsequently, AQUA held a number of cross-border cooperation and users interaction activities, such as the display from March 8 to April 14, in Daikanyama T-Site Bookstore, the IVY PLACE restaurant etc.,which quickly attracts the attention of media and triggers huge responses on newspapers, magazines and online social media.

△ TZ51 in Daikanyama T-Site

In early May, TZ51 participated in the Japanese cuisine festival interacted with users. "Hometown park buffet festival ", is where Japanese and a variety of the world cuisine gather, where gourmets can enjoy the exquisite cuisine. And interact with users through activities such as "store food materials of 3 shopping baskets in a limited time", TZ refrigerator attracted a lot of users' attention with its appearance and preservation effect.

△ TZ51 in Japanese cuisine festival

△ TZ51 on Press & Media

"Viewed with both decorative and culinary perspective, TZ51 is a good proposal for a new lifestyle." said Yamaguchi, deputy editor-in-chief of ELLE. Besides, many KOLs, focusing on design and cooking, spontaneously posted their surprises for TZ51 on social media.

△ KOL Expressed Her Satisfaction for TZ51

TZ51 has many characteristics and functions, for example, full space preservation, frost-free freezing, extreme silence and LED lamp panoramic lighting. Not to mention the unique design from masters, which brought about the visual revolution. There is no refrigerator but the AQUA, is as thin as 635mm, owning perfect preservation function and full of ingenuity of Naoto Fukasawa.

TZ51 is not merely a refrigerator, but the pursuit of refinement and the respect for life, the effort that AQUA made to meet user needs and to improve the quality of life for Japanese users. Under the direction of Rendanheyi Model, AQUA will continue to dig deeper to explore user need and to provide creativities and inspirations for a better life.

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