Since its launch last summer, the Café brand has garnered significant industry attention with its customizable features and premium finishes. In helping reach Café’s growth goals and solidify it as the go-to mass premium offering in the market, GEA recently launched Café Champions, its first-ever employee ambassador program. The program was designed to capitalize on the employees’ love for the brand and reward them for sharing the love. 50 GEA employees who come from every part of the business signed up in a matter of minutes to join the program. They will help tell the story of the Café brand and promote the brand to friends and on social media.

“It tells us we’re thinking differently and seeing what the demand is in the market,” said Nicolle Banks, senior operations analyst of Parts Distribution Center, who is excited to be a Café Champion. “I have friends that want to purchase it, so the more information I know about it, the more information I can share with my friends and family. I’m extremely proud and it’s just an honor to be part of a great company.”

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