On May 21st, Wang Yong, State Councilor of People's Republic of China and delegation came to Haier Russia Refrigerator Factory for an inspection.

When came to the Haier products showroom, State Councilor Wang Yong recommended Haier to deputy represitative of Volga Federal District and the prime minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Aleksei Pesoshin himself. Deputy represitative Volga Federal District said that, he is already an user of Haier refrigerator made in Russia, expecting more other locally made Haier products.

As came to the factory, State Councilor Wang Yong spook highly of the level of intelligentization of Haier Russia factory and localization of the Rendanheyi Model,suggested that Haier is a model of Russia-China cooperation.

After the visit, State Councilor Wang Yong extended warm greetings to Haier Russian employees and shade hand with everyone saw him off. Before his departure, Wang Yong stressed that: "I do will come back to visit Haier Russia again and visit the new industrial park next time."

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