From May 10 to 24, 2019, the largest home appliances D-channel (Name Removed for confidentiality) in France, held a “The Apartment of the Future” activity. Haier DUO washer dryer HWD120-B1558U, with its unique innovation, beautiful appearance and superior operation, stands out from nearly 200 products and becomes the first washing solution of “The Apartment of the Future”.

▲ D-channel stuff demonstrates Haier DUO washer dryer

▲ D-channel Instagram official, Haier DUO washer dryer stands out

In this event, D-channel broke the routine, took six months to select Haier and other brands and products that will lead the future life. It created a 500 square meters of real, modern, high-tech intelligent life scenes for the first time, from audio-visual, entertainment, kitchen, sleeping, to washing, bathing, study and security, which shows scientific and technological life by different angles. For example, when users are watching TV, mobile phones prompt that washing process is over, which is intimate and convenient. "We wanted to put people in a real life scenario and not only surrounded by the products." explained by Vincent Gufflet, Fnac Darty's Director of Product and Services Commercial in France. In the activity, D-channel chose most of the products that have already been released to public. The future life is not far away and the smart life is on the way. During the event, more than 5000 users and media persons came and experienced.

▲ "The Apartment of the Future" demonstration

Haier washing machine entered D-channel in 2018. With clear brand strategy and highly competitive line-up of differentiated products, Haier implemented terminal transformation and achieved rapid growth into D-channel strategic partner. At the beginning of 2019, both sides continue to promote the iterative upgrading of large volume washing machines, from DUO products to super large drum washing machine and EASY TOUCH as well as other star lineup. At the same time, Haier French team developed a digital training App, and built a terminal model display with D-channel, equipped with promoters and other marketing programs, so as to improve the sales speed of the terminal, which was well recognized by the channel. According to GfK data in April, the market share of Haier washing machine was 3.7%. The accumulated sales revenue from January to April increased by 50% year-on-year, which is the fastest-growing brand in France. Meanwhile, share of Haier's Candy&Haier double-brands washing machine reached 11.3%, ranking third in the market.

▲ sample of Haier DUO washer dryer

▲ The Upgraded Big-Drum Washing Machine got online on Darty, 1599 EUR

The home of the future

L’Appartement du Futur par Fnac-Darty : 500 m2 dédiés aux nouvelles technologies

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