Indonesia AQUA held a series of "Mall to Mall" event exhibition from May 14 to 19, 2019. The event, which focuses on "Home is Where Happiness is", has sparked enthusiastic reactions from Indonesian users online and offline.

Ramadan in Indonesia is a peak season for users to buy household appliances. Indonesia AQUA has set up a booth at a shopping mall in Jakarta, showcasing high-end leading products of refrigerator, washing machine and air conditioner, such as washing machines that specialize in caring for hijabers and refrigerators for halal. Meetings on detailed product descriptions had been continuing for 5 days, and Indonesia AQUA has interacted with users on KOL and discussions of ‘extra parenting in digital era’ ‘extra income in halal business’ ‘extra style for hijabers’ etc. Live fashion shows also appeared on site. The discussions has attracted the attention and participation of many social groups and users, and AQUA has gained continuous interactions with users on social media. Well-known Indonesian media such as Seputar Indonesia reported on user interaction activities.

▲ fashion show, Sunday, 19 May, 2019

▲ press conference

Sadayuki, chairman of Indonesia AQUA, said that sales of AQUA home appliance were substantial during Ramadan. Indonesia AQUA aims to increase annual sales by 28% in 2019. In addition to Jakarta, “Mall to Mall” event exhibition are planned to be held in Thoreau and Surabaya. which is scheduled for August and December respectively.

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