In June, a photo taken in South Africa was sent from Europe to Qingdao, and children from South Africa showed bright smiles in front of a Haier refrigerator. These children are from a local welfare institution in South Africa, and the Haier multi-door drawer A3FE742CMJ premium refrigerator is the protagonist of the recent 6-language TVC in Europe. Haier donated 4 sets of refrigerators to the South African Welfare Institute to bring them a cool summer experience.

This series of well-loved Haier refrigerator videos, from creative to shooting, to final lunching, has always been around exotic features. The original creativity comes from Qingdao and French teams. The European teams were working closely during the video scripting. The filming location was chosen in South Africa. The 4 refrigerators that reflects the strength of Haier refrigerator Fresher Techs was donated to the local welfare institution as planned, and has won the love of South African children.

This multi-door drawer refrigerator is Haier's strategic model for European market, and it ranks among the top sales in Western Europe. Through the differentiated three-door drawer design, Haier broke the leading position of the traditional European Combi refrigerator, and the share of the multi-door category in the Western European market was also improved due to Haier refrigerator. According to GfK data, in the first four months of this year, Haier's multi-door increased by 300% in Italy, driving the overall multi-door category to increase by 25%.

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