At 2: 00 p.m. on June 5, BM series Magic Room refrigerators, a new leading generation for Southeast Asian users, were exported to Thailand for the first time, with more than 3000 sets.

This series of products can meet the upgrading storage needs of Southeast Asian users with variable temperature space technology, sensor control and display technology. These technologies enable to adjust the temperature between -18 °C and 5 °C at will and can refrigerate and freeze instantly. Many countries in Southeast Asia suffer from high temperature all the year round, which cause higher demands for cold drinks. The automatic water supplying function has been favoured by people there.

Since the new generation of BM refrigerators has been on sale in Vietnam in April, customers added orders unceasingly, with a month to month growth of 100% in market share. Thus, the number of fans and traffic of the official website and Facebook increased by 30%. Besides, the videos were viewed more than 1.27 million times. To make sure the refrigerators go on the Thai market as soon as possible, the Vietnamese teams integrated the development planning and supply chain resources from Qingdao headquarters to make sure the quickly launch of the refrigerator.

In order to launch the Magic Room on the Thai market, the Thai team immediately put forward the promotion and product development work. It is reported that this series of products will soon be access to the markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy and Japan one after another.

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