There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes, likewise, Haier’s images are unique in each user's snapshot. On June 14, Haier Philippines launched the "Snapshot Haier" campaign on its official Facebook page. Within 10 days, the page got 10604 people engaged, 4701 engagements, and 175 users shared their photos of Haier. Although most of these photos were shot with imperfect lighting and unknown shooting locations, they have all recorded "Haier" from different perspectives.

Haier at the mall in the Philippines

Flipping through photos on Facebook, you'll see Haier products in malls, at major trade shows and on the streets.

Haier at Philippine homes

Of all the uploaded Philippines Facebook photos, family scenes are the most . common photos. Many families own more than one Haier product. Junior, a netizen in the activity, commented that Haier smart appliances are not only efficacious tools in his life, but also transformed her lifestyle.

Philippine users express their love for Haier creatively

Among the numerous photos, we found that many Philippine users have wild imagination, and expressed their love for Haier in various creative ways. We really marveled at their splendid wisdom.

▲ surprised by Haier's excellent performance

▲ Haier, we will always have your back

▲ "real" support for Haier

▲ DIY advertisement for Haier

▲ love from engineer in the future

▲ a special birthday hat

▲ blessings from lovely sisters

▲ a family photo full of best wishes

Although these photos are derived from various parts of Philippines, we can tell that Haier has been integrated into Philippines’ daily life. Under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model, Haier is enjoying an accelerated pace in globalization. The photos uploaded by Philippine netizens are substantial evidence for this.

"Snapshot Haier" began on April 15 and will last to October 31. Numerous scenes from the world will present Haier’s brand achievements under the guidance of the Rendanheyi Model. Please scan the QR code below, and join us.

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