One of the biggest retail event of the home appliances industry in the first half of the year was held in Thailand from June 17 to 23 at the IMPACT expo center. Haier Thailand with 13 million baht won the largest retail sales revenue in the event for white goods.

Haier Smart Living is the theme of Haier's exhibition hall in IMPACT, displaying Haier touch-screen refrigerator,interconnected air conditioner, smart washing machine and other smart products,trying to show Thai users the convenient life brought by smart appliances.

Haier smart life exhibition hall was the largest and in the best location. Haier Thailand team had communicated with the organizer for the location of the exhibition hall for many times, and the layout design was changed for many times, hoping to present Thai users with a perfect new experience of smart life. It is also posted on Haier Lead by "Rendanheyi" ,Model, Haier Thailand's overall growth was 30% from January to June, leading the local market.

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