Haier's Indian mobile service station in Jalandhar, Punjabi, recently began delivering saplings to users. 201 saplings will be deliver in the next two months as planned. These saplings are pasted with Haier logo, which is an action of Haier’s India service to practice social responsibility while providing one-stop service.

There are many environmental enthusiasts in Haier’s India service team. Mr. Nagpal, as one of them, voluntarily plants 15 to 20 trees every year. Haier India service team hope to encourage people to plant trees spontaneously to add some green to the earth through saplings. India’s monsoon season is coming, and improving vegetation coverage will not only ease the greenhouse effect but also reduce soil erosion and natural disasters such as floods.

With the mobile service station coming to users' home, it is not only Haier’s high-quality service, but also the sense of social responsibility of environmental protection that Haier Indian service conveys.

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