On June 30, Haier Russia under construction washing machine factory organized a simulated friendly competition to enhance team cohesion and team integration, making employees get relaxed in the tense work and laying a good foundation for the opening of Haier Russia's new washing machine factory.

The game divides the colleagues into Blue and Green teams in the form of lottery. Before the competition, the team leader assigns tasks and paths. The referee blew his whistle and the players marched forward towards a common goal. Through tactical cooperation, the two teams either attack or defend. The Blue team eventually won the match 2:1.

The teambuilding activity improved the sense of familiarity between colleagues in various departments, and promoted cross-departmental cooperation at work. Haier Russia's new washing machine factory is about to open. With new factory, new equipment and new products, the whole team need to cope with various challenges. The spirit of teamwork is the guarantee to achieve the goal and overcome difficulties.

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