Three Zeros

"Three zeros" is a self-driven nonlinear network, created by Haier innovatively during its management revolution, which are: Zero distance from users, Zero signatures in process, Zero delay in experience.

Zero Distance from Users

Companies are mostly in a state of passive waiting for users to come. There is no interaction between enterprises and users. Designing new products for users takes a lot of procedures and very time-comsuming. Haier keeps trying to be zero distance from users. Whenever users need is generated, Haier is there to satisfy the need immediately.

Haier sets up the contact network, which is a "user sensor" with warmth. Each user, promoter, installer is a contact point, which can update the most fresh experience and demand information of users in real time, so as to realize zero distance interaction with users.

Zero Signatures in Process

Companies’ functional departments used to be linear. Each decision should be reported to the person in charge, then to the top leaders of the whole company after approval. All processes must be approved with a signature, which not only affects work efficiency but also causes ambiguity of responsibility. Haier strives to achieve zero signature in process. Because understanding users’ need, and in charge of their own budget, all process is self-driven, signatures are unneeded.

Zero Delay in Experience

Form large scale manufacture to large scale customization in the era of IoT, users' experience changes at any time. Haier’s goal is to keep up with the continuous changes of users' experience and maximize users’ satisfaction.

In the ecosystem built by Haier, on the one hand, first-class resources are applied to form the most suitable solution to fulfill user’s need. On the other hand, the evaluation system has been changed from the traditional internal evaluation mode to the dynamic optimization of user evaluation. Users have become the core standard for measuring solutions.

Creating the best user experience is Haier’s eternal pursuit. Haier's IoT mode will provide the best experience for users in the changing environment.

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