Following the launch of Global Sourcing Operation Platform in India in 2018, June 2019, the GSOP system has landed in the second country overseas - Pakistan, and will be rapidly replicate to Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other regions. A few days ago, we received an email from the user of GSOP system in India, sharing the experience of using it in the past year.

Commercial Department, Pune India

Gaurav A. Sakharka

Hello There, This is Gaurav A. Sakharkar, working with Commercial Department - Haier, Pune India and in charge of the Supplier Selection, Verification, Performance Evaluation activities along with the routine (annually) QMS heath checkup / supplier Verification, supplier training etc. It's been good to be a part of Haier, Contributing towards the growth and improvement, especially when supplier quality management system and Verification is part of my interest.

Let's see the Journey of GSOP and my experience with it.

In the view of this business growth, Sourcing is one of the key challenges to any business organizations, to make the sourcing and supplier management easier and effective. Haier developed, introduced and effectively implemented "Global Sourcing Operation Platform"(GSOP) Portal to India by Oct.18.

"Global Sourcing Operation Platform" (GSOP), golive with one of the most important module, which is worth essential and required: "Supplier Qualification' (and then one and one other modules also) Now with the help of this, Supplier Registration, Qualification and Vendor Code Creation process has become easier and effective as job of keeping and searching for hard copies is almost nullify, which greatly improved the document retention and retrieval at great extent.

More effective to supplier, supplier can also know the status of its application for qualification and for other modules as well, by just simply log on to GSOP portal.

As GSOP is new initiation from Haier for supplier management, awareness among the Business Partners (suppliers) was key focus area for us. To develop the awareness of supplier's as well as Haier internal employee (User) awareness for GSOP, Haier India – Commercial Department led the GSOP Awareness Training Session at the start of Sep'18 (before Go-Live) GSOP China team coordinators had direct interaction with Haier Employees and Supplier as well. Yeah..! Great response from Haier, India employees for this session, actually it was well interactive session as done with suppliers. Interchanging the thought process for provision of GSOP, how it work, what benefits will come out from the system etc.

Here are the pictures from training session…

Haier, Pune, India invited all suppliers for GSOP awareness training session in the month of Jun'19. Training Programme were planned for 2 days to cover all region supplier within the India. GSOP Awareness also given to the New Suppliers, during initial assessment Verification. This same story of Supplier Qualification Module…….! We are at Haier, experiencing for other business modules of GSOP. Which include RFQ, Bidding, NPD (New Part Development), Performance Evaluation and constantly focus on Improvement of the modules etc.

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