On July 29, a two-day visit was paid to Japan R&D Center by Teng Donghui, CEO of HOPE Innovation Platform, leading the Qingdao Team, Daniel, CEO of Israel Innovation Center, Jiang Jing, Minister of Singapore Innovation Center, and Yaping Cheng from Silicon Valley Innovation Center of the United States. This visit has further deepened the sharing and collaboration of global R&D resources.

During the visit, Japan R&D Center introduced the iteration of innovative technologies to upgrading user experience and the needs for technical resources. After fully understanding the needs, HOPE expressed that it would provide more resources for future research and development. Japan R&D Center and Hope Platform confirmed several collaborative projects. Japan R&D Center has long integrated local resources and solved many technical difficulties for Haier Global R&D Center, and will keep strengthening the construction of local resources network. Through the 10+N R&D collaboration systems, Japan R&D Center will collaborate with HOPE Platform and share the best innovative resources to Haier Global R&D Center.

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