On August 28, local time, the opening ceremony of Haier Russia Industrial Park and Interconnected Washing Machine Factory was held in Chelney, Tatarstan, Russia.

The new interconnected factory, built on the basis of COSMOPlat mass customization model, plays a significant role in promoting local economic and industrial development. For Haier Washing Machine, this marks a leap from products export to factories export in Europe, indicating the formation of the market layout in the five continents. In the era of IoT, the operation of the new factory is also a milestone for Haier in implementing the strategy of smart home cloud.

In May 2018, Haier has held the foundation-laying ceremony for the new factory. Only one year later, this new factory has opened to operation. It is reported that the new factory opens for about 140 million consumers throughout Russia, and even more users in Central Asia and Europe. Industrial analysts hold that the washing machine factory will become a new engine to drive local economy after the refrigerator factory.

With the launch of the washing machine factory, Haier has accelerated its response to the market demands, making greater influences in Russia. Haier washing machine is becoming one of the most recognized brands in Russian market.

The rapid development of Haier Washing Machine in Russia is based on constantly meeting the changing needs of users.

“The most departments or houses in Russia are of small area to keep warm, and the large washing machines occupy a lot of space in the house”, said a Russian user who uses Haier washing machine designed for local users, which has a capacity of 8 kilograms. There are many washing machine products customized to meet user needs around the world.

Haier has practiced the localization strategy, namely, integration of localized R&D, production and sales in the global market. Up to now, Haier has the global R & D layout of “10 + N”, and has established 25 industrial parks, 122 manufacturing bases and 106 marketing centers, which show the results of the Three-in-one localization strategy.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier set out to meet the needs of local users, constructed the intelligent washing machine factory, taking the lead in building smart home cloud. In the future, Haier will continue to construct more new factories in this 127 hectare industrial park, to provide users with smart life solutions, namely, 5 + 7 + N (5 scenarios + 7 solutions + personalized customization).

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