(This mp3 was recorded by Haier India' employee to introduce Haier's Got Talent in India)

Haier’s Got Talent began with a Bang in India on 21st of August 2019. It was an amazing event with many fantastic performances which left the audience awestruck. It did leave the right marks & impressions of the entire event.The execution of the event was flawless and considering it was the first time, it has clearly set a Benchmark. Employee’s nomination for the event came from all across the country, it was screened very carefully and only 14 nominations (consist of Singing & Dancing) were finalized to the Performance Round. Each Performances were unique in their style and delivery, the audience had a wonderful time watching and were also asked to rate the performances, which resulted into a great engagement for all.

Out of 14 Performances, 8 performed Solo Singing Act, 1 did the RAP Song, 1 performed a Solo Dancing where 4 Groups performed the Dance acts. Out of 2 Dance acts, one was a “Bhangra” which is a Traditional Dance form originated from the State called Punjab and another one Solo Dance act was a “Bharatanatyam” which is a classical dance form originated in the State of Tamil Nadu. While the Show Flow was accomplished with all the performances, Haier India’s President Mr. Eric Braganza graced the event by singing a fantastic Song and his guitar chords made the entire event complete, which was indeed the show stopper of the event.It was a difficult situation to finalize the Ranking as all of the performers did very well and with the help of scores by the Audience & the Top Management, Final ranking of Top 10 were finalized. Out of the 14 performances, 4 performances ranked the top 3 as it was a tie at 3rd position. Top 10 performers who were awarded in the event for Haier India’s Got Talent,

1st – Mr. Atul A Parulekar – Singing Solo

2nd – Ms. Bathula Lakshmi Prasanna – Dancing Solo “Bharatanatyam”

3rd – Mr. Bhupesh – Singing Solo
         Mr. Dheeraj, Mr. Mayank& Mr. Lucky – Dancing Group “Bhangra”

Mr. Sanjay Kumar heads the Logistics Department of Haier India. He is a very talented person with many talents like Singing, Painting and does have a great sense of humor. Every time you will see him around with a Smile on his face and also a great motivator for his Team. He always enjoys his singing with a fun filled sound tracks and connects with every listener. He practice his singing skills every day.

Mr. Hanumant plays an important role in Service Department as he is part of the Quality and Technical Team for Commercial Refrigerators. He is charming person with lot of energy and likes to dance on every possible events. He likes all kind dance styles and but Bhangra is close to his heart.

Mr. Ravinder was the last minute entry to the event and sang really well with his wonderful guitar chords. He was the only performer who didn’t require a Sound Track to perform as he was performing with his guitar. He is part of Service Department and work as Area Service In-charge for Delhi. Although the work schedule is too tough in his work, he manages time to practice for his passion. i.e. Singing.

Mr. Rushikesh is from Pune Industrial Part WH category and his passion is Singing but not in old style but by the New Style of the Season i.e RAP. He writes and also performs RAP on social media. He has got a Youtube channel page for his recordings and he rocked the stage with his Talent.

Mr. Krishna Panchal joined Haier India as fresher 2 year back and he is doing excellent in Service Department as Quality & Technical Executive. His passion is singing and he has a band with his Friends who always play music together and kept their passion alive and nourished. He set the stage on fire with his fiery performance at the event. He is performing since college days.

Chandrashekhar and Abhishek, the DUO had filled the entire event with patriotism. They performed on a sound track which mesmerized all listeners and acted with their mixed moves. The duo is from Pune Industrial Park and they showcase their talent in most of Pune's events and always wins the hearts of the audience.

The Third Place!

Technical Trainer from service team Delhi won the third place with a tie.

Also the Third Place!

Dheeraj is a Fund Manager in Head Office in New Delhi in Inida.He was born in a small town named KALKA situated in Haryana state (India), and completed his studies till his Graduation (Bachelor of commerce) from his hometown and then moved to Another place for MBA. He joined Haier India family in April 2016. "When I Joined Haier Family, it was an immense experience to be the part of one of the fastest Growing Groupsin India. But joining a big group bring more work pressure, But I overcome this with positive attitude and with the help of Haier Family's Positive culture towards work. And I have learned many things which have polished my skills and analytics in Haier. And then I got a big chance to participate in Haier’s got Talent. As a team we got Third Rank. It is a feeling which cannot be expressed in words that we have been given a chance to showcase our talent in Haier Global Fest. "

Lucky Joined Haier Family in 1st Feb 2019. He belongs to smart city called Raipur situated in Chhattisgarh state which is known as Rice bowl of India. He completed his graduation from Mahant Laxminarayan Das College from Raipur(C.G.) And he went for further studies and completed the PGDM from Pune Institute of Business Management (PIBM). "I Joined Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd. And it was a great experience, I have learned new skills and polishing my skills and attitude with pears and seniors. I got a chance to perform in Haier's Got Talent. As a team we ranked in a 3rd Position. It was a great experience to showcase our talent in Haier Global Fest.

Nilabja Biswas comes from the sweet city Kolkata and the city of full of talent. His passion is singing and he was one of the early contestant in the event by submitting his nominations. He performed really well and he feels proud to be given this platform and opportunity where he can showcase his talent to all.

Atul Banwade is a soft spoken person from Pune Industrial Park and works in Refrigerator factory. He performed on a very popular sound track and a patriotic one. He did justice to the song by performing to the best and the audience didn’t stop applauding during his performance.

Aayush and Monika is a duo performer of Pune Industrial Park HR Team and had performed many times before in organizational events. They like dancing and all style of dancing which we witnessed during their performance in the event, they did perform on a song which was a fusion track of many epic dance sound tracks. With all their grooves and moves, they captured the attention of the audience.

Champion of Haier's Got Talent In India

Here is the winner of Haier's Got Talent in India

Satya is part of Corporate HR Team and Heads Talent Management and Org. Development. He had a past of long association with stage. As he sang before on stage many times during his college time and during his previous organization. He is a creative person and his communications and designs are well appreciated in various Employee Engagements. He performed on a Sound track which is very close to many hearts as he calls those sound tracks as “Soul Soothers”. He is the one who executed the Event from back stage, formulating the show flow and finalizing the necessary arrangements.

The Second Place

Prasanna joined Haier in July 4th 2019 Iam from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Her masters is in computer application, but her passion dragged her into sales. It’s not even been 2 months that she has joined Haier in CAC department. Air conditioning industry is completely new for her." I am learning things from my team. I am able to maintain the relationship with the client andgot 3 more business leads from the same consultant. Because of Debajit's guidance and support I was able to keep the client with Haier. Chanda kochhar is my idol. She was handling ICICI bank. It’s a huge organisation. She is a ruler, a boldlady, down to earth person. She is my all-time inspiration."

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