On Aug 29, local time, Haier Formula debuted on Nurburgring in Germany, one of the four major racing tracks in the world. It passed through all of 173 corners like Haug-Haken of the “Green Hell” and succeeded finally.

Haier Formula,jointly developed by Craft-Bamboo Racing and Haier, is powered by FPA direct drive motor. It was the first time for a racing car driven by a washing machine motor succeeded in challenging Nurburgring.

FPA direct drive motor, produced with the integrated building technology, can drive the inner cylinder to rotate at 1:1. What's more, it possesses the patented technology of golden electromagnetic ratio of 28:36, which enables to output 45 Nm of torque and meet the power demands. Haier direct drive motor can precise control the swing of the inner cylinder, and the angle can be accurate to 1 degree, which provides technical supports for accurate turning and braking.

In 2012, Haier launched its first washing machine with direct drive motor. Now it has popularized the motor in medium and high-end products, bringing users with better laundry experience.

In fact, the direct drive motor is only one side of the outstanding quality of Haier washing machines. Taking Xianhe as an example, except for the air washing, it also realized smart washing with identification of clothing textiles, water quality and temperature, and the laundry detergent.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier Washing Machine, based on the user needs, has always been a pioneer in R & D to upgrade user experience and build "Smart Home Cloud".

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