On August 28, local time, the opening ceremony of Haier Russian Industrial Park and Interconnected Washing Machine Factory was held in Chelney. On the ceremony, the staffs sent their best wishes to the new factory, hoping Haier would develop fast and provide users with better life experience.

The following are the wishes from colleagues in Haier Russia.

Давыдова Р.Н.

Dear colleagues,

I am very happy to be one of Haier Family. Even I joined Haier for a short time and has known little about the company, I am willing to make efforts in my work. Here I want to show my sincere thanks to Haier which makes my dream come true. I hope Haier will develop fast and everyone here keep healthy, and has a optimistic atttitude, fortunate life.

Орешкина Альбина HR

Wish our company vigorous development and successful production. Wish the staff well-off and creative minded, promoting the company to be the leading brand in the world. Wish prosperous business and glorious reputation!

Фаниль Гимазов

I am so honored to work in Haier which is a global company. Here in Haier we have many good chances to develop ourselves, expand our sights and accumulate experience. The language is not the barries here and the in-depth communication shortens the distance between us.

Лавинская Диана

Wish vigorous development and booming sales.

Курбанов Ш.Х

Wish everyone good health.

Троценко С.А.

Take steadfast pace! Be proud of our own products!

Цыпленков В.Е.

Sincerely wish all Haier employees a smooth and fruitful work!

Михайлов Д.Г.

Wish successful operation and sales growth. Workmates unite!

Долмато А.Н.

Wish our company profitable growth!

Домрачев А.А.

Wish our company unlimited potential!

Яппаров Р.Ф.

Wish our company to develop smoothly and bring happiness to users!

Бустеряов Г.И.

Wish successful completion of production plans.

Васянина Н.

Wish our company stability and financial prosperity!

Вечтомова О

Thanks for this beautiful factory and a new job!

Спирин А.

I am so happy to be a part of our large enterprise, and I am honored to contribute!

Нуртдинов И.

I wish Haier Washing Machine a smooth production, satisfying the needs of users and consumers.

The opening of the new factory not only becomes a new engine driving local economic and industrial development, but also provides the staffs a new opportunity to grow.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, Haier Russia Interconnected Washing Machine Factory will strengthen its competitiveness to satisfy user needs and reach the win-win situation with the local.

• end •

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