AQUA TZ51H refrigerators has been entering Japanese families through COSTCO, a Japanese supermarket. As the world's largest membership market, COSTCO has 26 physical stores in Japan with an average of 3 million consumers every month. Therefore, each category has only 1 or 2 displaying opportunities and only the potential goods are allowed to hit the shelves.

The TZ51H ultra-thin refrigerator is tailor-made for Japanese users. Being the thinnest in the same volume, TZ51H is only 63.5cm in depth and 8cm less than similar products, which solves the problem of narrow kitchen space; its stylish wood grain design is both home appliance and decoration art; its skillful inner design allows the top storage box to be easily reached even by a petite lady. Moreover, its freezer is equipped with six storage boxes to prevent odor. Its intelligent thermostat technology keeps small temperature fluctuations during defrosting, in which the salmon still fresh as before even be put in the refrigerator for a week.

Since the launch of the TZ51H in January 2019, the sales of AQUA super-large refrigerators above 500L have increased by more than 30% year-on-year. As soon as the TZ51H entered COSTCO, it was immediately welcomed. COSTCO is currently negotiating with AQUA on order number of the second batch based on the monthly sales in 26 stores. Except TZ51H, other AQUA products meeting the need of different families achieved good sale number in COSTCO.

Under the guidance of Rendanheyi Model, AQUA, as a member of Haier group, based on the needs of users, constantly innovates products. While providing users with smart fresh-keeping solutions, it also reflects the achievements of Haier's globalization strategy in Japan.

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