September 17, 2019, Haier 2019 Overseas Technical Support Managers Qingdao Training Conference was held. Entrepreneur representatives from Europe, Asia and central Africa shared their practice about “how to improve professional ability of OTC service technical support managers”. With the intelligent and high-end development of household appliances industry, users are requiring supporting service of higher level. Haier took the lead in upgrading services and introducing mobile service stations, which offer users one-stop whole process technical services with the full set of household appliances spare parts and professional tools. Haier’s technical support managers shared their own exploration in innovating user service in their regions.

Sebastiano Marchetti

Candy Technical Manager of Italy, Europe

Haier Europe Team has been committed to exploring active service and innovative transformation. On one hand, Haier actively promotes the release of service APP, uses NFC and Bluetooth to interact with the IoT to realize public benefits of product information preview, quality inspection, program optimization, and to reduce the time consumption during spare parts circulation and further to improve service response speed and satisfaction. On the other hand, Haier optimizes its service network, organizes terminal personnel to participate in various product knowledge training to improve their professional skills. By the first Haier European College, better online learning and on-site service could be achieved, and service competitiveness and brand image are improved.

Matthew Kendall

Technical Manager of Britain

The Overseas Technical Training has covered the whole process of engineers, customer service consultants and retailers. The training institute in each country is established to provide real life scenarios and replicate customers to their homes. Through on-site practice and routine assessments, the engineers' service readiness rate and arrival rate would be improved, and the overall optimization of service level could be gradually realized.

Hanumant Dutta、Ved Prakash Asthana

Technical Manager of India

Haier India constantly carries out reverse driving and self-challenging to upgrade the original plant service and to launch a differentiated service model externally. They regularly carry out professional training for engineers to improve the quick and professional installation of the original plant for various products. In 2019, they optimize the order distribution logic from the two dimensions of high-end products and service types so as to improve the quality of technical services. By monitoring the call allocation process of each spot, they have promoted the upgrading of engineers' skills and refreshed the technical support service standards of the industry in India.

Schebetov Dmitrii

Technical Manager of Russia

Russia's technical support services have covered 11 time zones. New service centers are set up in various places, and technical trainings are regularly held for experts. As one of our largest service partners in Russia, Rembyttekhnika has been working closely with Haier for many years. The service center has more than 20 highly skilled engineers, on-demand spare parts storage and independent delivery services, contributing to the best customer experience and overall improvement of product performance.

Khurram Shahzad Mir

Technical Manager of Pakistan

In Pakistan, they are committed to creating technical support highlights, developing new training rooms, introducing training from well-known institutions and equipping service toolboxes, which are conducive to the skills improvement of all engineers. In line with the goal of professional, quick and free service, they took the lead in piloting free air conditioning installation in Lahore. As of July, more than 30,000 units have been installed. By 2020, they will continue to promote the installation of 350,000 sets of fine facilities throughout the country. "Improving product quality and winning public praise" has always been our unremitting pursuit in Pakistan.

Haier service technical Entrepreneurs in all regions are brave in innovation. Integrating resources from "man-machine-materials-technique-cycle", the achievements of “user service” are presented, and the synchronization of whole process of skill upgrading, product maintenance, spare parts supply, system support and environmental protection has been achieved.

After mass discussion, five teams of Candy Europe, Britain, India, Russia and Pakistan won the award of "2019 Best Technical Support".

Wang Yan, Owner of Microenterprise of overseas service, expressed his appreciation to regional technical managers for their strong service guarantee and excellent practice sharing of OTC. For the final guidance of overseas service strategy, he said:

“Only by actively building a professional, brand-oriented and integrated service network can we achieve the goal of service acceleration, public praise promotion and loss reduction, so as to ultimately achieve the best service experience for users in the IoT era and the strategic vision of ‘public praise No.1’ among users, and to make service the core competence of our enterprise. To realize this vision, we Haier people all over the world need to make unremitting efforts.”

Driven by the Rendanheyi Model, Haier constantly makes innovations of user service system and optimizes the service process, which have not only formed a good public praise in the global market, but also set up an example of “good service” for the industry.

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