On September 12th, the awarding ceremony of the world's first Anti-Allergen TICK-MARK Certificate for air conditioning was staged in Qingdao Haier. Mr. Klaus Herrmann, the Chief German Visa Officer of Intertek Group Plc. (global leading comprehensive quality guarantee service agency) awarded Haier Air Conditioning with the world's first Anti-Allergen Tick-Mark Certificate. This means that Haier Air Conditioning have gained an Anti-Allergen labeling addition to its original health quality.

It is reported that in the future, the 6 models of Haier Puri Inverter Air Conditioning exported to Europe will be labelled with Anti-Allergen label to facilitate European consumers to purchase. This is another health technology achievement under Haier's “Smart Home Cloud” strategy. Haier Air Conditioning iterated Self Clean, AC and Air Purifier Integration, AC and Fresh Air Integration, Allergy-Free and other health technologies to accelerate the globalization of healthy air.

New Health Indicator of Air Conditioning: Special Certification for Anti-Allergen

Nowadays, more and more people are suffering from allergic diseases. The mites that exist in life and the pollen in spring and autumn are common allergens. And those people prone to allergic constitution on allergens are very likely to cause allergic reactions. This is the same in the European, “pollen allergy” has become a major problem for European users. Some patients have to ask for leave from companies or schools, or even get hospitalization due to severe allergies. Air conditioners are the most commonly used home appliances for users. Removing allergens of the indoor environment has become a more prominent demand for users. However, in the field of Anti-Allergen, there has been no authoritative guideline of industry, and consumers have no relevant reference basis in purchasing of such products. In response to this new health needs, Haier launched the application of Puri Inverter Air Conditioning which can purify and remove allergens such as pollen and PM2.5 particles with CADR value reaching professional purifier level. The air-conditioning is internally equipped with antibacterial materials, which can inhibit the proliferation and metabolism of bacteria and mould with antibacterial rate reaching 99.9%. This year, based on current status that relevant certification for Anti-Allergen feature is missing, Haier Air Conditioning applied for the Anti-Allergen feature certification to Intertek Group Plc., the first of the industry, and conducted joint test with the agency.

In addition to the upgrade of healthy air-conditioning network devices, Haier also laid out a healthy air scenario ecology and built a world-leading healthy air solution platform - Haier Air Ecology. With accessing to more than 500 eco-partners around the world, Haier provides users with a full-space, full-dimension, and full-scenario healthy air solution. Haier smart home experience stores overseas in India, Thailand, Pakistan and others implemented a healthy air experience, initiating the global layout of healthy air.

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