Since joining the Haier family in June 2016, GEA has been continuously improving its performance. In 2017, GEA recorded the best performance in ten years; in 2018, GEA became the fastest growing appliance company in the U.S. in 2019, GEA reported robust growth despite the industry’s slow down.

Mr. Kevin Nolan presented GEA's evolution from a traditional appliances company, transitioning to a connected appliances company to a value creation ecosystem. This journey is marked by the impact Rendanheyi is having in GEA's operations and culture. Since the implementation of Rendanheyi in 2016 GEA transformed the way it works, by developing a unique leading goal (Be and Be Recognized as the Leading Appliance Company in the US), created 18 microenterprises enabled by half a dozen platforms, drove the zero distance culture, adopted new rewards model and established the House of Brands. This is work in progress, but already delivered very significant results.

GEA has registered double digit growth higher than industry and competition, broke historic volume and revenue records and has reported 13 consecutive quarters of share growth. As a result, the GE brand is the #1 in the US and the company is the #1 in Top Load, Gas & Electric Range, Wall Over, Microwave and Top Mount refrigerator.

As Kevin Nolan explained, GEA is already in the next phase of its evolution, developing new value creation ecosystems. He shared the eight interconnected elements of GEA’s eco-brand approach, introducing the audience and the professor on the stage to Newfi, a fully integrated platform that will transform the company’s relationship with its lifelong users, creating an unprecedented consumer experiences and differencing the company from the conventional appliances industry.

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