On Saturday 14 September, 2019, HAIER SPORTS DAY has been occurred at Wat Kok-Udom school, Nong-ki sub-district Kabinburi district, Prachinburi province on 8AM until 5PM. This activity aimed to encourage Haier staff to spend more time in exercise and build more relation between staff, especially the staffs who want to build more relation with production staff and office staff addition from meeting in work. Besides, the sports will relax all staff from everyday works and duty.

In this competition, the employees were divided in 2 teams, blue team and white team for football and chair-ball game. Plus, tug-of-war and running-in-the-sack also challenged the staffs who were not into the sports. There were 329 staffs who joined on that day. After the activities, a feedback was done with satisfied rate 79.34%. constructive suggestions by employees will be applied on the next activity.

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