Sep. 24th 2pm, the 2019 Haier Cultural Communication Workshop was held at Haier University. Representatives from China Region, GEA, FPA, AQUA, and Pakistan shared the explorations and challenges of cultural communication.

China Region's sharing was around what is Haier culture, the development history of Haier culture, and the practice and effect of cultural communication in China.

The GEA team expressed GEA's brand philosophy in poetic language. They focused on the importance of employee communication and GEA's practices in it. Moreover, they summarized the difficulties of cultural communication under globalization.

Moreover, the FPA team was centered on the four steps, inform, clarify, engage, involve which up to build global vision, values, and step up behaviors, people focused, strategic imperatives and business excellence on cultural interaction which enabled a more open and more realistic communication mechanism.

The Japan team introduced the structure of the communication team, as well as the path and the best practice of last year. They shared the timeline of future culture communication budget.

Pakistan team started with a video which reviewed the results of the Pakistani Rendanheyi Summit in August. Communication channels such as the monthly Newsletter and the cultural corridors of the factory not only connected Pakistani employees, but also serve as a road for sharing strategies and achievements.

The goal of global cultural communication was emphasized during the meeting which is creating value through communication. Tangible and intangible values can be created by building a dynamic platform where employees can share and improve themselves. Cultural communication will stay at literary level without creating values.

In the group-building part, participants from the world worked together to solved the puzzle of a world map. It is also a global map of Haier culture, which symbolizes Haier cultural communications only exist with the joint effort of global communications counterparts. During the brainstorming session, there was heated discussions on such activities as Haier's Got Talent, Employee Ambassador and how to deal with the challenges in global cultural communication.

The Workshop deepened the mutual understanding between the global cultural communication team as well as laid a solid foundation for future work.

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