On Sep. 24th, 2019 Global CIO Summit was held. Representatives from Haier, Candy, GEA, India, Pakistan, Japan, and other regions attended the summit. The theme of the summit was intelligent leading, synergistic value-added and transformation promotion, which focusing on the global division of IT services, and the cooperation of key areas in regions. Haier HQ and regional CIOs shared new IT technologies, architectures and models, summarized the results in the first half of 2019 and set up the goals for 2020.

Division of labor and Synergy of IT Services

The global CIO summit will first discuss the IT governance system in the areas of budget, infrastructure and technology architecture. PSI has in-depth communication with each region on coordination issues of the above IT governance system.

Cross-Regional Project Synergy

At the summit, Global IP, GEPS, GSOP integration and other Global cross-regional projects were jointly promoted. Global IP realized Global patent asset management sharing, GESP unified the engineering platform, and registered suppliers of overseas GSOP reached 2980. At the same time, FPA, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Japan conducted regional coordination task communication on digital transformation of GTM terminal retail and consolidation of ERP+WMS basic operation and management platform.

Best Practice Sharing

Through sharing and mutual learning of new technologies, new architectures, and new models, each region reduced error costs of IT, which promoted technology upgrades and enhanced its value-added capabilities to achieve the best practice sharing.

2020 Regional Collaboration Projects

HQ PSI and Regions discussed on the regional IT budget and structure planning for 2020, and finaled the first draft of 2020 policy objectives for each region. Future plans for each region and HQ were clarified.

EMC contract and Ecosystem brand must be supported by IT technology. Under the guidance of Rendanheyi model, the global IT teams integrated into business to create the best experience for users, laid foundation for Haier's strategy of global branding building and terminal transformation.

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