Recently, Haier Snapshot received a photo taken at Piazza XXV Aprile, where the street was crowded with people and there was a poster of Haier Wine Cabinet on the building.

Piazza XXV Aprile, located in the centre of Milan, is surrounded by many shopping centers, bars and cinemas. According to local users, the brands which can place posters at this place are those with good reputations and profound influences.

As is well-known, Italy has a long history in wine and there is a wide range of varieties. Therefore, most Italian enjoys tasting wines in the spare time, and holds a high requirement for its taste. "Wine storage is affected by a lot of factors like temperature. Haier Wine Cabinet frees me from worrying about wine being affected at all." said one of the users.

At 2019 IFA, European businessmen, after experienced the precise temperature control and intelligent control function of Haier Wine Cabinet, praised it as both "safe" and "smart". The cabinet, keeping the temperature difference less that 1℃ and humidity at 50%-70%, retains the flavor of the wine, which can be almost comparable to the "cellar" storage. In the last year, Haier Cabinet was rated as one of the most popular brands in the local market.

Haier Smart Wine Cabinet being presented at 2019 IFA accelerates its layout in Europe. Haier will continue to upgrade the wine storage solutions, and bring customized wine storage services for local user.

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