2019,Haier Oversaes embraced high growth in different regions globally

Italy air conditioner gathers the strength of dealer channel, installation engineers, retail channel and other parties. By July 19, 2019, the revenue of Haier air conditioner in Italy has exceeded the whole year of 2018.

BM refrigerator in India has been leading the category with the first share. It is growing 5 times the speed of the industry, achieving a 30% growth rate for 20 consecutive months. Haier's India rose 28% from January to July 2019, four-fold the industry.

Haier Russia Connected Washing Machine Factory was completed and put into operation in 12 months, breaking the local record of 2-3 years.

Haier T-door refrigerator in its rapid growth has become the first share in Israel.

The online sales of Haier AC ranked 1st and the overall sales of Haier AC ranked the 3rd in Thailand, surpassing many Japanese and Korean brands that have operated in Thailand for half a century. From January to September 2019, Haier Thailand grew by 35% in total, the revenue doubled in the three years from 2016 to 2019. Haier Thailand aims to double its the revenue again by 2022.

GEA has registered double digit growth higher than industry and competition, broke historic volume and revenue records and has reported 13 consecutive quarters of share growth. As a result, the GE brand is the No.1 in the US and the company is the No.1 in Top Load, Gas & Electric Range, Wall Over, Microwave and Top Mount Refrigerator.

In fiscal year 2019, Nigeria's revenue has increased by 19% and profit has increased by 28%, with the high-end products accounting for the largest share in the industry. Aiming at the pain point of local power shortage and expensive generator costs, Haier's GenPal series air conditioner can use 0.9KVA generator at the minimum without interfering the usage of other electronic appliances. Turbo freezers led the sales of freezers to the first place in Nigeria, with a market share of more than 40%.

In Japan, continuously differentiated high-end transformation in cooling and washing industry, brought new breakthrough, that greatly improved brand competitiveness: the launch of innovative ultra-thin large refrigerators led to a 377% increase in sales of AQUA super large refrigerators in September, 3.5 times industry. Washing and drying all-in-one machine increased by 283%, 3.4 times industry; CAFE series home appliances achieved 4 times growth. Community laundry ecosystem deepened cross-border cooperation and expanded overseas market replication.

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