On October 15, the 126th China Import and Export Fair (the Canton Fair for short) opened in Guangzhou. Under the premise that the average unit price of China's exporting white home appliance fell by 3% in the first three quarters, Haier realized an 8% growth against headwind and became the only Chinese home appliance brand with a positive export growth at the Canton Fair.

At the fair, Haier displayed high-end products such as dual-screen refrigerator that automatically recommend healthy recipes and washing machine with "ultrasonic air washing" function, which attracted on-site users. The export data also shows that Haier's home appliances exported from China are mainly high-end products, with unit price that far above the industry average.

The following three reasons are inseparable from the average export price growth of Haier.
The first is the reasonable product structure. As the most widely distributed Chinese company in overseas, Haier, who applied the "Three-in-one" localization strategy, is selling high-end products all over the world.
The next is the building of brand image. Several years of globalization management has helped Haier a brand with 7 sub-brands such as GE Appliances, Fisher&Paykel, AQUA, Candy, ect.
The third is the improvement of R&D strength. By integrating global R&D systems and collecting various user needs, Haier continues to provide original technology products.

Under the high-end and quality-oriented home appliance export trend, Haier follows the guidance of Rendanheyi mode and adheres to the localization strategy of R&D, manufacturing and marketing, which will be favored by more and more foreign users.

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