On Oct. 14, with the supports from Russia Federal Competence Center, Haier Russia Refrigerator Factory held the Labor Productivity & Employment Support Project Kick-off Meeting.

A few days ago, Haier Russia Refrigerator Factory was selected as the base for Labor Productivity & Employment Support Project, a project of Republic of Tatarstan to improve the productivity and employees’ enthusiasm through lean production, which was supported by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Ministry of Labour and Social Security. At the kick-off meeting, the team of Refrigerator Factory introduced the plan and target of the project. Haier Russian Refrigerator Factory aims to increase production efficiency by 10% in the first year. It will select a production procedure and establish a project team, which will be trained on the theme of lean production. After success in the first procedure, the mode will be applied to more procedures.

Pavel Myakotin, Head of macroregion, Russia Federal Competence Center indicated that the Competence center will try the best to support Haier to reach the target.

Dmitry, who is in charge of the project team, introduced that it will be a precious experience for every team member to attend the project, and also, it will be a great chance for local team to develop rapidly and reach the target for 2020.

Mr. Wang Shourong, the manager of Haier Russia Industrial Park, and Mr. Yao Guangpin, the manager of Refrigerator Factory raised the requirements and target for the project, and encouraged all team members to make efforts to reach the goal. Haier Russia Refrigerator is the fastest growing home appliance enterprise in the Republic of Tatarstan among the overseas-funded. The new project approved by Republic of Tatarstan, not only shows the productivity of Haier Russia Refrigerator Factory, but also indicates that the factory will keep growing and improve the comprehensive strength in the future.

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