Qingdao, October 19, 2019, Haier Forum, one of the 4 parallel forums of Qingdao Multinationals Summit, was successfully held in Qingdao International Conference Center. Haier and many multinational enterprises on the way of building an industrial ecosystem and a win-win cooperation under the Model of Rendanheyi.

WangQin, Vice Director of Management Science and Innovation Development Research Center , Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), made an open speech introducing Haier ecosystem brand globalization network, saying that Haier set the paradigm of multinational development along the belt and road. Haier's representatives in countries along the Belt and Road Shared their experience on eco-brand building in the era of Internet of Things and the local integration of Rendanheyi Model.

Shah Faisal, president of Haier Pakistan(Pvt.) Ltd, introduce Haier Pakistan, which is bridgehead of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor along with the Belt and Road, and model of the China-Pakistan Cooperation.

Thanes Bin-a-sun, Vice President of Haier Electrical Appliances (Thailand) Company Ltd., shared the brand building results of Haier Thailand, the branding pilot model of maritime Silk Road.

Eric Braganza, President Haier Appliances(India) Pvt. Ltd talked about the fastest growing brand in south line of belt and road, Haier India.

Sergey Fomichev Operation Director, Haier Electronical Appliances RUS LLC opened the speech with Haier Washing Machine Connected Factory recently founded which is 1st smart factory in Europe for production of washing machines based on COSMO Platform, and the biggest Non-energy industry project on the northern line or the belt and road in Russia Federation, and focused on the results of eco-branding building in Russia. Rendanheyi Model is accelerating Haier's transnational investment and development, which has been successfully replicated in many countries along the "Belt and Road". Haier has set up 10 R&D centers, 25 industrial parks, 122 manufacturing centers and 106 trade branches worldwide. Haier's advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and management mode are actively promoting the upgrading of local enterprises' management and manufacturing levels, and driving local industrial transformation and regional development.

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