Qingdao, October 19, 2019, Haier Forum, one of the 4 parallel forums of Qingdao Multinationals Summit, was successfully held in Qingdao International Conference Center. Eric Braganza, President of Haier India, participated and speak on behalf of Haier India in the Haier Forum. Let's walk through Haier 15 years' journey of brand building in India.

India, one of the " Belt and Road" countries


Haier India Trading Company was founded


Acquired Pune refrigerator factory, realized localized production of refrigerators.


Pune plant expansion project was approved, Chief Minister of Maharashtra visited Qingdao and signed the MoU


Groundbreaking of Haier Pune Industrial Park


Pune Industrial Park was put into production, creates direct employment 2000+, indirect employment 10,000+


Haier's first campus smart laundromat was opened.


The refrigerator factory in the Pune Haier Industrial Park produced 1 million refrigerator in 8 month.


Signed the MoU about Greater Noida Industrial Park, the 2nd industry park of Haier in India


First smart home experience store opened


The refrigerator production capacity of the Pune Industrial Park hit monthly record.


Groundbreaking of the Greater Noida Industrial Park


The number of Haier campus smart laundromat expanded to 6


In order to bring more smart scenarios to ground, Haier Smart Solutions Co., Ltd. was established, the number of Haier campus smart laundromat expanded to 88


The India EMC won the title of "Seeker of Ecological Micro-system Community" in the Group.


70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India


The Greater Noida Industrial Park will be put into operation, which will create direct employment of 4000+ and indirect employment of 20,000+

Employees' Voice:

Sujit Chavan:the day pune industrial park put into production, our chief minister of Maharashtra will present. The night before, we went through the Gantt chart, making sure nothing went wrong. When the first product went crossed the assembly line, my colleague next to me jumped up. A strong sense of achievement went through me like a warm current. I almost broke into tears. Haier Pune Industrial Park was born. Two-year preparation effort was not in vain. This is the most memorable moment for me in Haier.

Alok Bhushan:Haier India's 2,600 promoters are the front troops in Indian market. If you don't arm them with the latest sales techniques and the most comprehensive product knowledge, how can they serve Indian users?

Fan Guofeng:There is no right to speak without an investigation. If you don’t even opening the refrigerator in users' home, how can you know users' need?

Ujjwal Mani:my most proud moment in Haier is going to Shanghai to participate Haier Global Outstanding Promoter Conference and share the achievements of India on behalf our team. It showed me how much Haier values sale out. Our entire team was cheered up.

Revolutionary products:

The well-known BM refrigerator(freezer in bottom) is Haier India's name card. There are many vegetarians in India, but the mainstream product in India market is TM (freezer on top). Indian users need to bend over frequently when taking food. Haier India brought BM refrigerator for Indian users. BM refrigerator keeps developing, the 5th generation is GlassDoor with Temperature settings, attracts the eyes of India users. At present, India's BM refrigerator is the first share in India, five times the industry growth, achieving a 30% increase for 20 consecutive months.

Color Plate Shock Proof Water Heater:According to Euromonitor's Report on the usage of water heaters in India, 92% of households in India are currently at risk of leakage. Haier gathers the overall strength of 10 Haier R&D centers around the world, building the Shock Proof Water Heater for Indian Users. With high temperature antibacterial function, which aiming for the poor water quality in India, Haier Shock Proof water heater used PCM color plates that can be fit into with the color of the bathroom could also resists moisture and corrosion.

Haier ACthat brings healthy air: India's air pollution is bad, and Haier AC creates healthy air for India. In addition to purifying PM2.5, Haier AC also have self-cleaning and other smart functions. At night the air conditioner can generate a sleep curve in combination with user habits to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.

Haier services in India:

A Haier mobile service station hurls through heavy rain during the rainy season in Gurgaon, India, on its way to the home of Haier user Ms. Giani. From sending request to the finish of the installation, Haier's Indian engineers only took one hour. Engineers receive service requirements through Haier mobile application and right after the request are received, Haier mobile service station responds in the first time.

Haier launched a 24-hour door-to-door service in Bangalore. Bangalore has a large number of IT professionals and engineers, in many families both husband and wife are away from home during the day. They hope the installation could happan at night. Thus Haier launched a 24-hour service for Bangalore users.

Words of Mouth

MR.Prepna:For Mobile phone I chose apple, but for AC, there are nothing could compare to Haier. I like appliances being smart, that why I chose Apple and Haier.

From a BM refrigerator to a complete set of haier appliances as a dowry for her daughter three years later, to a new haier refrigerator purchased seven years later, haier has become the first choice of Indian users Vikram.


Eric Braganza, the talented CEO of Haier India, the idol of Indian colleagues, Have you become a fan?

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