To celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day, 20th October, and to raise the awareness of all AQUA employees about the replacement of plastic bags in daily activities, AQUA Vietnam has sent canvas bags for all women employees on this special day.

The success of AQUA Vietnam today is indispensable for the persistent contribution of the women employees and the women employees in all departments, who are playing the more and more important roles in the strong development of AQUA Vietnam.

Currently, plastic bags are widely used for their convenience and low cost. However, as each day passes, we are witnessing the consequences of the ongoing use of plastic bags on ecosystems and public health.

AQUA Vietnam advocates to using canvas bags, and believes that the effect will spread far and influence more and more people when AQUA employees change together. AQUA ladies are not only beautiful and working with high efficiency, but also responsible ladies who make contributions to the beauty of the environment.

AQUA Vietnam has always focused on the social responsibility, bringing the brand of AQUA Vietnam closer and more friendly to consumers.

AQUA LADIES - RESPONSIBILE BEAUTYaims to be implemented in the long term with the supports of all AQUA employees in Vietnam.

On Vietnamese Women's Day this year, we wish the Vietnam AQUA ladies: Shine when you are yourself.

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