On October 19, 2 pm, local time, all the secrets of the AQUA GTW were exposed in a TV show named "Megahit Research Institute".

The program aims to collect users' confusions and pain points from a completely objective position, to find out the megahit products and testing them on site.

The program with high popularity and trust among users has a keen insight into all the potentials of the AQUA GTW series, the quality of star products.

The researchers focused on the various pain points in washing process. How to accurately control the amount of the detergent, How to adjust the washing power, time-consuming, water-consuming, noises and shaking in the laundry process are all the problems.

The AQUA GTW was introduced at the program for its excellent quality. AQUA is derived from Sanyo, a washing family of the commercial washing share ranked first and is known as the "washing expert" in Japan. As a member of the Haier family, AQUA has the strong support from Haier's global R&D platform. AQUA GTW is a localized product, jointly developed by Haier's global washing R&D platform and Haier Japan R&D Center that holds 145 washing technology patents and 180 washing design patents.

Through the live experience, the program explained the AQUA GTW's unique skills: Committed to cleaning stains and caring for clothing, AQUA GTW pays attention to every detail. It reduces the size of the small hole in the inner wall of the washing tub, and the pillow-shaped inner cylinder reduces the scratching of the laundry during dehydration, which solves the problem of stain remaining and clothing fiber damage.

The AQUA GTW also strives to save users time. In the 10kg capacity washing products, AQUA GTW has the lowest time & water consumption and noise decibels in the industry.

In addition, at the product development part, AQUA and P&G jointly developed and designed a special washing program, which can make the washing effect of the laundary beads optimal. AQUA GTW is the only washing machine in Japan with this program. At the marketing aspect, AQUA and P&G also maintain a close cooperation. P&G has effectively expanded AQUA's influence by recommending the AQUA GTW series to its users.

After on-site experiment and fiber comparison, the experiencers unanimously passed the AQUA GTW's megahit certification. It is not the first time AQUA GTW has gained recognition from the public. In 2019, AQUA GTW won the Technical Recognition Award from the Japan Electrical Machinery Industry Association. While the industry is declining, it still sold 120% year-on-year growth. In September, its sales increased by 283%, which is 3.4 times that of the industry, and the channel expansion expanded from the initial 850 stores to 1,500. AQUA GTW is bringing a new washing experience to more and more Japanese families.

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