AQUA Vietnam has organized annual health checks for all employees of the Company at the well-known Shing Mark's Hospital from 16 - 18 Oct, 2019.

With the concept that employees are a valuable asset of the Company, AQUA Vietnam always cares about the health of employees. The organization of annual health check will contribute to improving the efficiency for the development and success of the Company because when the health is guaranteed, employees will have good working spirit to devote and produce more quality products.

With the nature of office and factory work, regular visits will help employees understand their own health situation to quickly take preventive measures and timely treatment. In addition, this is also the basis for AQUA Vietnam to assess the correlation between employee health and working conditions at the company, thereby offering reasonable policies that contribute to life care for all employees.

AQUA Vietnam has selected Shing Mark Hospital to conduct this program to all Company employees. Shing Mark is a hospital of international medical standards, with modern equipment, and a team of good medical-doctors with long experience in large hospitals.

During this year's health check, AQUA employees were given a thorough physical exam, internal ear, nose and throat, eye, ultrasound scan, blood tests, etc., all of employees were examined and health checked by doctors to accurately diagnose the health situation of each person.

Health check is an activity in the chain of care and development projects for employees that has been maintained by AQUA Vietnam for many years and will improve the quality in the coming years, and is an opportunity to improve and health care for employees according to the Company's policies.

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