In the evening of 30 October, Haier Smart Home (600690.SH/690D.DE, the Company), one of the subsidiaries of Haier Group, released the third quarter results of 2019: the Company's revenue and profit grew against headwind with domestic market share consolidation and 25% overeseas growth; and its eco revenue grew by 55%, reaching RMB3.37 billion with profitability of 15%, all of which contributed to a leading position in both scenario and eco system building.

Haier Smart Home is leading the transformation of eco brand scenario, which can be manifested in two aspects:

On one hand, Haier is leading the transformation of replacing products with scenarios, specifically replacing single product sales in the past by providing whole-house smart scenario solution of '5+7+N', which means instead of just a refrigerator, the user takes home a whole-family food solution. Thanks to the transformation, Haier Smart Home 001 Experience Center which opened on 6 September is selling products by 'set' instead of by 'piece' with average price per customer buying integrated solutions of smart home appliances & household reaching RMB400,000, where an average of RMB250,000 would be spent on smart appliances solutions.

On the other hand, Haier is leading the industry's eco system transformation. Haier's Internet of Clothing, Internet of Food and Internet of Air team up with more than 1,200 partners from apparel, textile and food industries. The Internet of Clothing accelerates the introduction of IoT technologies, take textile industry as an example, such application could contribute to 10 times more efficient goods handling and 50% reduction in labour expense costs.

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