Diwali, the most important festival in India, takes place on the 15th full moon day in August of the Indian calendar (which is October 26 this year). How to celebrate Diwali? Let's see how Haier India celebrated it.

The office is decorated with lights and colors, and the Indian micro-enterprise owner Mr. Huang Decheng wears the national costume to celebrate this special festival with Indian employees.

One of the spirits of Diwali, "drive out darkness with light and triumph over evil with good", is seen as a celebration of lighting up the "inner light". Haier India’s employees have seized this moment to spread the kindness and good nature. They painted T-shirts to express gratitude for the environment and nature.

Most Indians choose to be vegetarian on Diwali. Vegetarianism culture + tropical climate, the food that needs refrigeration preservation accounts for more than 75%. Haier revolutionized BM refrigerators are customized for Indian users, with temperature controlled function, bringing a warm and happy Diwali for Indian users.

Join the Grand Smile Parade with Haier India! During which Haier employees and their families presented beautiful performances to celebrate every sparkle of happiness of life with users.

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