Statistics from the data of third party shows that Haier Air Conditioner has been one of the main choices in Italian Market, especially from the dealer side.

In China, users always consider factors like function, brand and cost performance when buying air conditioner. While in Italy, users are used to buying through AC installers. More than 70% of air conditioners purchased are recommended by installers, who will consider the installation time and convenience for recommendation.

"If there is a product frees us from checking drawings and measuring, we will definitely recommend this air conditioner first." said an Italian installer.

Based on the needs, Haier found out the key points that determine the installation time to iterate the air conditioner. That’s why F series easy-to-install air conditioner was launched. In this way, the air conditioner can be installed by one person, instead of the previous two people. Accordingly, the installation time is reduced by 50% and the service time is saved by 80%.

Over two years, almost half of the installers in Italy are willing to recommend Haier's F-series air conditioners. This year, Haier has achieved a rapid growth of 66%, bringing Haier air conditioners popular in local market.

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