As Christmas approaches, Philippine home appliances market has entered the high season. The sales of Haier Philippines have grown with the Triple-digit growth, namely, 215% of multi-door refrigerator, and 222% of self-clean inveter air conditioner.

Since 2019, Haier Philippines has always focused on the high-end transformation as well as the retail competitiveness. The terminal sales and marketing team has innovated continuously in building mechanism, training promotors, improving the image of Haier brand. Since the promotor weekly sales report system established, the average sales of promotors have increased by 21% compared to the last year.

Now, as stepped into T3 Terminal of Manila Airport, you can see Haier logo clearly at the first sight. As opened The Philippines Star, the most well-known newspaper in Philippines, you can see the multi-door refrigerator of Haier.

With the joint efforts of the marketing team and the promotors, more and more Philippines are familiar to Haier as they choose the home appliance.

Under the guidance of Mr. Song Yujun, Vice President of Haier Smart Home Ecological Platform, CEO of South Asia & South-east Asia, Haier Philippines has been accelerating the transformation of business and organization, and improving the operation capability, to ensure the landing of Rendanheyi model in Philippines.

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