Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is a fashion event held annually in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since its first edition in 2008, JFW also dubbed as the largest fashion event in Southeast Asia. The event aims to provide directions to the Indonesian fashion industry to demonstrate its wealth in talents and creativity, and ultimately transform Jakarta as a major fashion hub in the region and the world. As the world's most populous Muslim majority country, Indonesia has a high demand for clothing that adheres to religious rules emphasizing modesty for women.

Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2020 officially kicks off on Tuesday, 22 October, after overcoming some delays. Svida Alisjahbana as Chairwoman of JFW said that Jakarta Fashion Week has become a reliable catalyst of Indonesian fashion industry. And For the first time AQUA Japan has enlivened Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) by presenting a fashion show titled "Mix and Match Style with Hijab" at the JFW 2020 Atrium Fashion Senayan City, Jakarta collaborate with Batik Chic by Novita Yunus.

Kenji Sadayuki President Director of AQUA Japan Indonesia said that with this activity, AQUA Japan trying to support the fashion world in Indonesia. Because fashion in Indonesia is now very advanced, some designers have even been able to penetrate the international market. AQUA Japan hopes that participating in this event will be able to gain more brand awareness as Home appliances product brand and make a positive contribution to the world of fashion in Indonesia. It is also the right place to bring AQUA Japan products closer to consumers. Especially now, AQUA Japan will be a focus on targeting the upper-middle market.

Head of Marketing Department AQUA Japan Indonesia, Glenn Manengkei, expressed his pride in being able to work with Novita Yunus. "Novita consistently uses motifs or patterns that illustrate the wealth of Indonesia such as batik, border motifs, and so on," he said.

The hijab, a veil worn by Muslim women to cover their heads, has become more popular in Indonesia in the last two decades. Hijab itself has soft material and easily damaged if washing it with the wrong method, and AQUA Japan's comes with a washing machine that has featured for it.

As one of the sponsors of JFW 2020, AQUA Japan has a booth that displays AQUA Japan washing machine products and also presents various interesting activities specifically for booth visitors. Among them, there is a photo contest with prizes and attractive prizes to all participants. Furthermore, from the sales side, we also hold a washing machine sales program with prizes and cashback up to Rp 500 thousand for each purchase of washing machine products.

Glenn added there's blender and vacuum cleaner gift for every purchase washing machine products. "So for those who come to JFW 2020, you should also visit our booth. Because there will be various interesting activities and programs that we present, "said Glenn.

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