Recently, a group of poetic video hit YouTube. These video with exquisite Chinese aesthetic elements has attracted the attention of viewers all over the world. The hero behind this group of works is Haier smart appliances.

A piece of matsutake from the mountains in Yunnan Province, a piece of blue printed cloth from rain-lane in the south of Yangtze river, and a Begonia Bath from the flourishing Tang Dynasty. Haier smart appliances are reinterpreting tradition. These traditional elements are not just visual, but our ancestors' respect for clothing & food which carries the true meaning of life, which are too common to be easily ignored by the modern fast-paced life. After thousands of years, Haier smart appliances, with the power of science and technology is protecting not only these delicate food material, delicate clothing, more importantly, the persistent love for life, which is beyond national boundaries. Behind the Oriental elements, here is the spiritual totem of human race: the respect of life.

To pay tribute to life, Haier is not just to manage every detail to superb, but to explore the possibilities behind quotidian. The set of video is not just to express nostalgia to tradition but pay tribute to the present to seize every moment and taste all the flavor of life. Condensing the smart scenarios of contemporary original technologies to satisfy the personalized needs of customization for modern users is what behind these beautiful Chinese patterns. The idea of customization for global users and the smart life possibilities is what really attracters viewers.

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