On Nov. 3rd, the 3rd Haier Russia Entrepreneurs Cup Badminton Match was held at the Gymnasium of Kazan Federal University, Chelney.

20 players from Haier Russia Refrigerator Factory, TV Factory and Industrial Park participated in the match, and Владимир, the coach from Kazan University was invited to give guidance.

The players were divided into 4 groups. After the fierce and exciting match, there were 8 players winning in the match.

This match provided a platform for the staff to exercise and communicate with each other. One of the players said that this kind of activity enhanced the cohesiveness of the team. With the joint efforts of all staff, he believed that the goal of 4 times the production of refrigerators within 4 years would be just around the corner.

Now, Haier has continuously optimized the local industrial chain to provide smart home solutions for users, rapidly increasing the brand influence and market competitiveness.

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