"Welcome to this special series of China and the UN 40 years. I'm Liu Xin at the Haier Industrial Park in Shandong Province, Eastern China, where UNIDO carried out its flagship projects in the mid nineteen nineties. "

CGTN famous news host Liu Xin, is broadcasting a live program in where we worked in a daily basis.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization, or UNIDO, is a multilateral technical assistance agency under the UN. It came to China in 1979. In the interview, Liu Xin talks to David Ma, Deputy Representative of UNIDO in China.

In 1995, a lot of international organizations, together with many countries signed Vienna Conventions. Several enterprises were selected for this project. Haier was one of them.

David Ma said, "We trust Haier very, very much. And Haier is the one of the biggest enterprises in home appliance. He has strong capabilities in terms of management, in terms of technology. So that's why Haier was selected."

"I still remember clearly that in 1995, Haier just started a production line using the Freon. So you could imagine, you just started a line, and then next day, you have to demolish all the lines. In the 1990s, when China's home appliance industry was still taking shape, the concept of green development, although recognized, was not actionable. Chinese companies such as Haier still like the relevant technology to carry out international commitments."

"Haier is one of the first enterprises in China to adopt Freon free refrigeration technology since 1995. Haier has been working with UNIDO to phase out Freon from the perspective of corporate social responsibility."

Two decades later, Chinese home appliance industry has come a long way. Now Haier has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of home appliances. Reports in 2019 say it ranked number one in international sales for ten consecutive years.

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