One of Haier’s service engineers in India, who has just joined Haier for a year, has donated his Diwali prize of 10,000 rupees to his home primary school to support the school's conversion from the local language Kannada to English.

Mahadev native place is “Mandya” which is on way between Bangalore to Mysore, Originally he is from a poor family, he is married and expecting baby soon, Before joining Haier he was working with a Japanese brand, but later he joined Haier for his growth as his one engineer friend recommended that Haier is very good company to work, income part is transparent & committed, after joining he understood transparent incentive policy and he started giving extra effort for productivity, hence his monthly average earning increased160%.

His habits of sharing helping hands to those who needed started when he was 2 years back repairing washing machine at orphanage and listened painful history of an orphan child leaving there, at that time his earning was not so high so initially he started giving some clothes to orphanage. Just recently when he heard that his native local school is going to be converted from Kannada to English medium for this they needed fund, He thought he should also support for this, When he got his Diwali Bonus (Rs.9922), it further motivated him, finally he donated Rs. 10,000 to the school which gave immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction to him.

Review for Mehadev:He is popular among dealer and ISD as he is having great attitude to service, he never denies any urgent call, attend even late calls.

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