After Haier and Candy announced its integration, Haier actively promoted the multi-brand strategy in Italy, which has enhanced Haier’s brand strength and reputation, consequently expanding its market share of high-end products.

Haier Italy has broken through German and Korean brands monopoly in the segment.

“Haier is getting better and better in Italy as we know what the Italians want and what we can provide. I think Haier has been the most successful Chinese brands in Italy for years. It is time tested product, and the terminal sales continue to grow,” said an Italian supplier.

Haier owes this success to its three-pronged strategy

Firstly, it entered the market at a very early stage, and it was well-received by channel vendors and users.

Secondly, Haier insists on its own brand building. It chose the difficult path of creating a brand. Finally, it turns out that the model has now paid off in Italy.

Thirdly, Haier has a strong supply chain relationship in Italy, and its brand awareness is the highest among Chinese brands.

At present, the Haier washing machine brand cluster ranks second in the Italian market with an 18.9% share. This is the dividend that Haier has harvested 20 years after entering Italy.

Haier’s success in Italy was not accidental, but inevitable. Sun Shubao, General Manager of Haier Europe, told that in past years, Haier has formed a better understanding for local living habits, and has established cooperative relations with channels.

Being close to users has been the key to Haier’s success. Italian users put their trust in Haier and believe it would provide them with a smart lifestyle. This is Haier’s success in Italy.

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