Why do people go to AQUA Community Laundromat?

Many housewives complain that curtains, quilts are too much for their home washing machine.

the dress you need tonight has no time to be sent to a dry-cleaner, while a laundromat with pre-sterilization machine got a special fine fabric washing programs and quick drying function is in the community.

AQUA Community Laundromat has special equipment and programs for items that general people not sure how to clean, such as trainers and pet supplies.

What experience does AQUA Community Laundromat bring to users?

before going out, users can search nearby stores online, check the status of machines and make appointments online. When the washing is done, a text message will be received.

On August 1st, the first direct AQUA Community Laundromat was opened in Japan. This store is also equipped with a convenience store, a drugstore, and a coffee zone. people can share a conversation with neighbors in the community. Or, just come to a laundry date with good friends. Convenience stores, drugstores, catering chains and gas stations have joined the "laundry" ecosystem of AQUA. While doing laundry, you can go shopping, buy medicine, eat, refuel… This is the new lifestyle brought by AQUA Community Laundromat.

What do you know about AQUA Community Laundromat?

AQUA, also known as a “Washing Expert” in Japan, AQUA ranks the top in Japan with a market share of over 70%. After already leads the field, AQUA chooses to challenge itself: Strive for Perfection and Think out of the Box.

Strive for Perfection

Clean and care each piece of clothes.

On the morning of October 16th, 2019, the New Factory Completion Ceremony of Konan Denki Co., Ltd.y, fully operated by AQUA, was held. The new factory has invested in intelligent manufacturing equipment such as welding robots, and plans to import intelligent transfer robots to improve the collaborative production efficiency of multiple production lines. The life span of AQUA Community Laundromat equipment is more than 10 years, and the cleaning efficiency and quality are comparable to that of professional laundry. This is also the main reason why AQUA's product price is 5% higher than that of the industry, but it still maintains a high market share.

On November 7th, the ecosystem stakeholders of AQUA Community Laundromat paid a visit to the new factory. A representative of FamilyMart said: "It is very surprising see many skilled craftsmen in current era with the intelligent production lines. I can feel the persistence for quality of AQUA." From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, 64 representatives from 42 sales stores felt the persistence of AQUA Community Laundromat.

Intelligent manufacturing not only ensures the craftsmanship, but also doubles the capacity of the factory. The capacity can not only have satisfied the growing demand for community washing equipment in Japan, but also will rapidly deploy the high-tech products to overseas markets. At present, 45 AQUA Community Laundromat stores have been launched in overseas markets outside Japan. In addition to the laundry products launched overseas, what's more important is the laundry scenarios.

Think out of the Box

Besides refining the machine and expanding the market, the most important thing in the AQUA revolution is to open up the mind. This is also an important lesson AQUA learned as a sub-brand since Haier acquired Sanyo in 2012.

AQUA is not just about washing machines, it has established an ecosystem rooted in laundry scenarios. There’s no boundary of laundry ecosystem.

AQUA Community Laundromat keep the interaction with users as the core. On October 26th, the Second Creative Ideathon was held, which has become a routine activity for AQUA to deeply interact with users and listen to them to develop new ideas for the community. This year, the idea of winning the gold medal is karaoke in the laundromat. In the future, you can even sing while doing the laundry. One day, you may find that your laundromat is equipped with a gym.

Currently, there are over 11,000 AQUA Community Laundromat, with an IOT import rate of 95% for new stores and 50 stores for cross industry cooperation. On August 2nd, the store operated jointly by AQUA and AGLEX, an IOT system partner was opened. The AQUA Community Laundromat ecosystem keeps attracting external resources, and both sides work together to build an IOT ecosystem and accelerate overseas expansion.

What AQUA Community Laundromat offers is not just a laundromat, but a lifestyle.

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