Da Nang, November 19, 2019 - AQUA Vietnam organized AQUA ANNUAL PARTNER SUMMIT 2019 at Da Nang, with all dealers nationwide and media to launch the new product line and share about corporate strategy in 2020.

More than 400 dealer and partners attend the meeting. They impressively experienced by AQUA whole lineup products. Meanwhile, during the sales package order session more than 85% sub-dealers confirmed the convention package order. All dealers show their exciting in Convention and get confidence with AQUA in 2020.

With a distribution network of more than 4000 stores spreading throughout the country; in 2019, AQUA Vietnam's revenue is expected to grow by 40%. It is expected that by the end of 2019, there will be more than 7 million Vietnamese families using AQUA products manufactured by AQUA Vietnam.

In particular, in the field of technical research and development, AQUA constantly applies the most advanced technology, in order to fulfill the needs and improve the living of Vietnamese consumers.

Taking AQUA 525mm drum washing machine as an example, it increased washing capacity but decreased space area by 12% compared to conventional washing machines. The Smart Dosing function ensures the WM automatically distribute detergent and softener; DD Inverter technology (direct drive motor) can save energy, reduce noise and extend product usage life. For Refrigerators, AQUA offers a product line with Magic Cooling technology, that users can customize the temperature of the compartment according to food storage needs. For Air Conditioners, AQUA offers air purification function within 15 minutes with Super IFD filter.

In 2020, AQUA will continue to increase investment in the Vietnamese market through activities such as promoting local production, new product R&D, diversifying product lines, applying 4.0 technology in manufacturing and expanding market share in Vietnam, rising to become the number 1 choice of Vietnamese people in the field of home appliances.

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