Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, Haier Smart Home has raised donations from different countries. Today, the medical supplies raised by Haier Japan arrive in Qingdao by air.

Despite the shortage of medical materials and shipping space, Haier Japan coordinated all related sides and resources to raise the batch of epidemic control materials, and send it to China today.

As searching for the medical material suppliers, Haier Japan found a company selling the needed materials and contacted it immediately, and finally ordered a batch of protective suits.

AQUA community laundry employees contacted detergent suppliers who produced medical protective equipment, and ordered a batch of goggles.

In addition, Haier Japan employees purchased masks through online channels such as Rakuten and Amazon, as well as offline channels such as drugstores.

By Feb. 4, Haier has donated more than 25.96 million RMB in cash and materials. It includes 13 million RMB in cash, a batch of household appliances worth more than 2.5 million RMB, the medical supplies worth more than 7 million RMB, and the epidemic control materials worth more than $ 500,000 raised by branches from the U.S., Japan, Russia, France, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria,etc.

Meanwhile, Haier RRS Logistics opened a 24-hour hotline of 400-800-9999 to fully allocate transportation resources, and opened free transportation channels and logistics services for relief materials in the epidemic-stricken area.

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